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As we prepare for a new cohort of Tulsa Service Year fellows, we’re excited to connect with Tulsa non-profits that not only serve our community but seek innovative and fresh perspectives that facilitate high-impact work.

Join us at our Virtual Open House on September 29th to ask questions and learn how partnering with Tulsa Service Year will shape the lives of recent college grads and catalyze a brighter future for Tulsa.

Thu, Sep 29, 2022

10-11am CST

Via Zoom


Partner with Tulsa Service Year

Tulsa Service Year is a program connecting talented, recent grads from across the country with Tulsa non-profits for a year-long fellowship. Through this partnership, our Non-Profit Partners get to focus on the mentorship and growth of our fellows while discovering needs within their own organizations. Partnering with TSY grants your non-profit the opportunity to learn from fresh minds, fill talent gaps and help make Tulsa a better, more innovative community.

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Strong organizations depend on great talent. Build your team with TSY fellows.

We recruit recent college graduates from our nation’s best institutions to do high-impact work in Tulsa and join a community of learners and doers. Fellow alumni include:

TSY fellows have committed to join in on the testing ground of social strategies for an entire year. Our fellows are excited to join organizations with strong cultures and grow alongside your team. It's our desire to work with you to find the perfect fellow to join your team!

So, what kind of partners do we work with? We’ve partnered with more than 30 organizations that span the sectors of social impact, arts & education, entrepreneurial support, and civic engagement to serve as partner sites for our fellows. We look for partner organizations with strong leadership, a positive and inclusive culture, and dynamic roles with a clear trajectory for growth.

Our hiring process

Step 1:

Submit your application and job description, and schedule a 30-minute interview with the TSY team.

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Step 2:

The TSY team will review all nonprofit applications and interviews, and notify those who have moved on to second round interviews with fellow candidates.

Step 3:

TSY fellow candidates schedule interviews with non-profits that best align with their skill set and interests.

Step 4:

Fellow placements are finalized through a mutual matching process.

Recruitment timeline

Sept 12, 2023

Non-Profit Partners Applications Open

Applicant Lunch'n Learn

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Sept 26, 2023

Virtual Non-Profit Partner Info Session

Oct 13, 2023

Last Day for Non-Profits to Apply

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Oct 24 – Nov 2, 2023

Non-Profit Candidate Interviews

Nov 10, 2023

Non-Profit Candidate Finalists are Notified

Feb 1-16, 2024

Non-Profits Interview Fellow Candidates

Mar 1, 2024

Fellow Match Day

May 28–31, 2024

Welcome to Tulsa Week

June 3, 2024

Fellow Start Date

May 24, 2024

Fellow End Date

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tulsa Service Year?

Tulsa Service Year (TSY) is an organization that recruits the best, brightest and change-focused college graduates from around the country to live in Tulsa and work for a local non-profit organization for one year (May to May).

Why Tulsa Service Year?

TSY is an opportunity for non-profit organizations to build upon and grow their team’s impact with top talent from across the country. Historically, when matched with a fellow, Non-Profit Partners have been able to expand their footprint both locally and statewide. Past partners include: Leadership Tulsa, Terence Crutcher Foundation, Tulsa Public Schools, Partner Tulsa, TEDC, and more.

What are the requirements of a Non-Profit Partner?

To be a Non-Profit Partner, your organization must be a 501(c)(3), have a willingness to assist in the fellow’s professional development, be committed to meeting with their fellow on a regular basis, and have one consistent point of contact throughout the fellowship. The ability to offer HR benefits, specifically healthcare such as medical and dental, is also a plus but not a requirement.

What might a fellow work on when placed at my organization?

The best scenario is where the organizational need and the fellow candidate’s interests intersect. Organizations will submit a job description as part of their application. The job description should not only reflect the role the fellow will be expected to fill, but should also allow room for projects guided by the fellow’s interests and professional goals.

How are fellows paid?

Fellows are paid a salary of $48,000 plus benefits through a grant provided by TSY.

How do we apply?

If your organization is interested in hosting a fellow, and would like to be considered as a Nonprofit Partner site, please complete and submit a Non-Profit Partner application by clicking the application link on our website. If your application is accepted, you will be asked to schedule a 30-minute interview with the TSY team.

Are we guaranteed a fellow once we apply? How does the process work?

No, submitting an application does not guarantee a fellow for your organization. The TSY team will review all non-profit applications, and if approved, your organization will receive a request to interview with the TSY team. Once all interviews have completed, organizations are then notified if they have advanced to second round interviews with fellow candidates in February. Once second round interviews are completed, both the organization and fellow candidates will be asked to submit their top ranked preferences. All finalized placements are driven by a mutual match, whereby the fellow and organization have ranked each other.

When do organizations interview fellow candidates?

Organizations interview candidates over a three-week period. Organizations may choose to interview candidates multiple times within that three week time period to narrow down their selection. Upon completion of those interviews, both the fellow candidate and organization will be asked to submit their top ranked preferences.

Can an organization apply for multiple fellows?

No. As a part of our mission of catalyzing Tulsa, we want to work with as many Non-Profit Partners as possible, therefore, we limit one fellow per organization.

Does a non-profit need to be a part of a specific foundation?

We welcome all non-profits within the City of Tulsa to apply. You don’t need to be part of a larger foundation or organization.

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Tulsa Service Year!

We appreciate your commitment to building a pipeline of talented professionals eager to contribute to your organization and the city of Tulsa at-large.  

Let’s get you started on the process of hosting a Tulsa Service Year Fellow!


Review our Partner Recruitment Guide

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We recommend you review the application questions with the appropriate stakeholders in your organization so that you're prepared to submit your host site application swiftly.  


Once your information is ready to go, submit your host site application.

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Important Dates


Mar 22 - Apr 2

Applications Live

Apr 6

Host Site notified of their acceptance

Apr 13

Mandatory interviewing orientation.*

* It is recommended that the direct supervisor be in attendance.  However, if this person is not available, whomever will be interviewing the candidates will need to be present.  During this session, you will learn how to complete the interview scoring guides and input your calendar for interview scheduling.