Sujeiry Jimenez

Take Control Initiative

Sujeiry Jimenez is the newest addition to the Take Control Initiative (TCI) team. She is a recent graduate of Duke University where she was involved with campus advocacy organizations that pushed for a more inclusive environment for under represented students through awareness and representation. While at Duke she was also a part of undergraduate research team that analyzed the roots of multiple health disparities that tend to disproportionately affect BIPOC communities. Sujeiry is interested in the intersection between policy and health, through the lens of accessibility to healthcare by under-served communities. Through TCI she hopes to collect crucial data about women’s health in Oklahoma to inform transformational and equitable policies that address the biggest discrepancies in healthcare. She aspires to create health policies that address the needs that go unnoticed, often from the most marginalized communities.


Sujeiry holds a B.A. in Public Policy from Duke University and plans to pursue aMaster’s in Public Health in the future.


Sujeiry appreciates being outdoors and traveling to explore new places. She enjoys volunteering as a way of interacting with the community and getting to know the diverse individuals that make it up. She counts reading, baking, and strategic games among her interests.

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