Sahee Abdelmomin

Tulsa Innovation Labs

Sahee has joined the Tulsa Innovation Labs team to work under Nicholas Lalla, and Shawna Khouri in their virtual health department. She has a passion for fostering the intersection between biotechnology, healthcare and economic development. During her undergraduate experience, Sahee spent two years working in the Cognitive Control &Psychopathology Lab studying schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression. While at the CCP Lab, Sahee went on to run an independent project on the determinants of vocational success of schizophrenic patients to highlight current gaps in treatment. She presented her findings at the Midstates Consortium UndergraduateResearch Symposium.


Sahee holds a B.A in Biology from Washington University in St. Louis. She plans to obtain her MD from an institution with an innovation in medicine program in hopes of achieving her goals of becoming a research physician with a biotech startup.


Sahee enjoys practicing yoga, gardening and listening to medical and historical podcasts in her free time.

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