Sabrina Ton

Birth Through Eight Strategies for Tulsa

Sabrina Ton will be serving as the Community Engagement Fellow with Birth Through Eight Strategies for Tulsa through the George Kaiser FamilyFoundation. Sabrina is a proud graduate of the University of Oklahoma. Throughout her time at the University of Oklahoma, she became passionate about the intersections between medicine, the humanities, and social justice. She is elated for the opportunity to influence and create sustainable change, work on policy, and build meaningful connection within communities in Tulsa. She likes to describe herself as a lifelong learner and an aspiring change-maker. In May 2020, Sabrina finished two multidisciplinary degrees at OU: Bachelor of Arts in Letters and a Bachelor of Science inHealthcare.

Sabrina is a Kansas City native, and she is deeply passionate about all things coffee and espresso. She enjoys Shakespeare's work for its universality, and her favorite play is "A Midsummer Night's Dream".She loves art: making it, looking at it, and watching it.

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