Ray Fitzgerald

Tulsa Economic Development Corporation

Ray Fitzgerald is a Tulsa Service Year fellowship recipient, starting work with the Tulsa Economic Development Corporation. He is a dynamic, innovative, and open leader currently starting a career in finance. He is a native Tulsan who has enjoyed watching the city grow and transform into a vibrant and thriving community throughout his lifetime. Ray started his journey outside of Tulsa with the United States Marine Corps, where he learned to be a disciplined and thorough understudy during his time as a junior Marine as well as a confident, professional and charismatic leader while serving as asNon-Commissioned Officer. After completing his service honorably with the USMC,Ray returned to Tulsa to study at The University of Tulsa where he was involved primarily with three organizations – The Sigma Chi Fraternity, Women inBusiness, and Oklahoma Inter-Collegiate Legislature. These organizations helped shape him and instilled in him a drive and desire to create and participate in a better business world. As a two-time veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom inAfghanistan one of the proudest moments Ray enjoys sharing are the months he spent walking young girls to a school US forces built for a small community ins Southern Helmand Province.


Ray holds a B.S. inFinance from The University of Tulsa and is currently engaged in completing professional certificate in data science through an IBM course.


Ray is a runner and avid hiker in his free time. He has hiked extensively throughout the United States and completed the AppalachianTrail in Spring of 2019. He is currently eyeing the Ouachita Trail as his next thru hike attempt.

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