Miles Francisco

Terence Crutcher Foundation

Miles is a community organizer, anti-oppressive educator, forever-student, and researcher with a passion for transformative social change and coalition building. Miles co-founded and currently serves as the Co-Executive Director for the Foundation for Liberating Minds, a community nonprofit organization working to dismantle systems of oppression through the empowerment of young people and justice-oriented education. He leads FLM's Deconstructing Masculinity Program and hosts its DreamRadically Podcast. He currently works as an organizer with Black Lives Matter OKC Chapter and facilitates a group co-hosted by BLM OKC, FLM and Dream Action Oklahoma: Study and Struggle OKC, an abolitionist study group organizing against incarceration and criminalization. He also serves as a trainer, facilitator, and consultant with the Restorative Justice Institute of Oklahoma.

Miles is a visionary leader who graduated from the University of Oklahoma in the Spring of 2020 with Bachelor's of Arts degrees in African and African American Studies and Political Science as well as minors in International Studies and Women's and Gender Studies. While attending the University of Oklahoma, Miles received the Carl Albert Award from the College of Arts and Sciences, and was named Outstanding Senior for the University. He was active in several student organizations across campus, he served as Co-Director for the Black Emergency Response Team and was active in multiple roles for the Gender + Equality Center, Vice President of OU's NAACP chapter, and editor of FORUM Magazine.

Miles is an avid reader, writer, and staunch believer in the goatness of one Lebron James.

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