Makayla Napier

Still She Rises


Makayla Napier is a Tulsa native and a recent graduate from the University of Oklahoma. She holds a Bachelor ofScience in Psychology. At the University of Oklahoma, she served as a ResidentAdvisor and Interned at Palomar OKC Family Justice Center. Makayla will serve as a Fellow through the Tulsa Service Program with Still She Rises. Makayla is committed to active change and serves as a collaborator to help with her community's betterment. During her free time, Makayla enjoys the company of her family and friends. During her free time, she enjoys her favorite tv shows and watching Youtube.

I am looking forward to growing and learning so much within the program while serving the Tulsa community and hopefully making a lasting impact. Also, even though I am from Tulsa, I am excited to learn more about the great and new things the city offers.

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