Chloe Fourte

American Song Archive


Chloe Noelle Fourte is the Special Events Coordinator for the American Song Archives with the Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan Centers. Chloe is a media-focused communicator passionate about archives, preservation, education, and community-based initiatives. As an artist, Chloe is interested in multimedia art practices, is self-motivated, empathetic and collaborative.

Chloe hold a B.A. in Radio/Television/Film from the Northwestern University School of Communication with a minor in Music Technology.

Chloe also pursues an interest in audio engineering and spent the last two years working as a freelance sound recordist in the Chicagoland area. Chloe Noelle Fourte hopes to continue creative and collaborative endeavors in the audio technical realm and is excited to expand into what Tulsa is swiftly becoming.

I'm looking forward to getting to know the other fellows and knowing more about their organizations. Saturday’s retreat really energized me and I'm excited to put faces to the city as I reacquaint myself with Tulsa!

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